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The Catholic Church has a long standing tradition of rendering yeomen services whenever and wherever the need arose. Education has been one of such services it gives to all those especially among the downtrodden and where it has not been feasible by other agencies or organizations. As new technical sphere goes on enlarging and expanding to various fields especially in the fields of communication and information technology, the Catholic Diocese of Bhagalpur volunteered to equip the youth of today with this sort of education so that they stand up to the demands and face the present challenges especially in the job opportunities. Thus the Diocese established Joseph Institute of Computer Education in 1999 to serve the society and create qualified personnel to come upto the expectation the parents place in them and society longs to see in them. This premier institute offering the education on communication and information technology is committed to offer qualitative education with the state of the art facilities. If also gives them a holistic development of their personality based on sound humanitarian values and principles. We wish to assure that as it has been proved in the past beyond any doubt that our management and staff are ever committed and dedicated to building up and nurturing the young minds to make them future responsible citizens of our great nation and be part of the nation building process. Read more...

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    average Android coaching in Bihar

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