Tejas IAS Academy

Chhattisgarh, Bhilai Nagar 490023
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Tejas IAS Academy

TEJAS IAS ACADEMY has been established with a vision to develop as one stop center of excellence in tutoring for all career initiation programs leading to prestigious jobs in various administrative departments of Central and State Governments as well as officers and clerk posts in Government sector banks. We are a team of enthusiastic, passionate and very hardworking academicians with goal to help every student attending the institute to reach to his full potential and thereby enabling him to succeed in his aim. All the tutors in our academy have a proven track record of performance in their respective subjects and have tutored many to success. They have come from various prestigious institutes in Delhi, Allahabad, Lucknow and Varanasi. Our main focus is on sharpening skills of the students, filling the various gaps in their knowledge and understanding as well as basic school education, keep them fully motivated and guide them properly toward their goal. We appreciate the fact that every student needs different levels and types of support. We monitor performance of each student separately. ABOUT US We attend to different needs of every student by way of supplementary classes in addition to regular classes. We encourage every student to participate actively during tutoring sessions without slightest hesitation in raising his doubts instead of being passive and indifferent listener only. Our approach to tutoring is holistic. It goes beyond just providing written and oral instructions. We believe in strong base of knowledge with complete clarity in concepts. We are fully aware of the fact that now a days competitive exams, especially for the jobs in Government posts, require very hard work, persistence, patience, proper planning and right strategy. At times most of the students become much stressed and give in to their fears and self-doubt. So they perform far below their potential and become part of the crowd of unsuccessful. We help every student to make proper evaluation of his strength and weaknesses and to use his strengths effectively and overcome weaknesses to be part of league of successful. Unleashing the energy dormant in every student by proper motivation and guidance is the factor which makes us different from other institutes and makes us winning institution.

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Phone No : 70497 23672

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  • Madhu

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    not so great coaching in Bhilai Nagar

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